At IT Chimes, the last working day of each month ends on a celebratory note, as the day is marked with some fun and partying in honor of the boys and girls, who had their birthdays on that month. Although cake cutting is all that occupies the mind of the employees but the pre-cake cutting games are no less awaited upon. The usual official schedule keeps the employee-to-employee interaction limited among the team members only. But fortnightly birthday bash, along with the games activities, is one such day while the whole office gather together for some healthy interaction and light moments.

Each month different games are played upon, which are made entertaining and competitive with the inclusion of prizes for the winners. The team members get re-shuffled, as new teams are created for the games, this provides the employees the scope to get interactive with members of other teams. However, the playtime revitalizes the employees and makes up for all the pressure that they had during the month. After games and competition, the winning team receives its prizes and all heads for the cake cutting.

A big and mouth watering cake is cut, jointly, by the birthday girls and boys, followed by some fun elements like putting the cake on their faces. Just a minute of pause after this and then all employees rush for their share of the cake. The time is enjoyed by and all. Along with cake light refreshment is arranged for all.


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