In order to make sure your website stands out from the rest, you need to not only keep up with cutting edge technologies in web development, but also maintain a page that is attractive and user friendly. Web development has recently become a popular marketing device in the world of online marketing. Every website owner is trying to utilize the newest technologies, so ensuring your website really makes a splash relies on a careful combination of creativity and interactivity. These two factors are truly the key to that illusive ‘wow’ reaction. In order to be certain that your website is both creative and interactive, you will need to consider ways in which you can employ tools offered by web development to build a website that attracts attention, maintains users engagement and encourages them to complete the desired activity (i.e. make a purchase, call you for a consultation and so on).

In order to achieve these results, a ‘wow’ website must provide the required information in a neat and orderly way that is free of cluttered images and large blocks of text. Images, where used, should be presented in a creative way that involves the site visitor. For example, your website may open with a blank page upon which image elements gradually appear according to the movement of the visitor’s cursor until the entire page takes shape. This will motivate users to explore the site, as each of the clicks they make to their mouse reveals a different hidden image or feature. Another ‘wow’ approach to website construction uses the tools of web development to inject humor and entertainment into each page which will engage visitors on multiple levels. Examples of this may be the inclusion of text or images that change according to mouse clicks. Elements may enlarge, change color, change in content or become animated to reveal funny or surprising alternative options. This is a wonderfully creative method of engaging site visitors that gives your business a unique feel, while still providing strategic information about your company, brand or product. Fortunately, current web development technology allows web masters to add interactive features to websites quickly and easily, enabling interactions within minutes through rapid programming methods. Creative and interactive web development will provide you with a ‘wow’ factor as well as encouraging your site visitors to spend more time on your pages by engaging them on a personal level. This may also mean that they return to your website frequently in the future because you have provided them with an enjoyable and informative experience.


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