As time goes on, it’s as if we are slowly running out of it. Everything is moving a thousand miles an hour these days, and with that arises the need of new and creative ideas to make it all work. Same goes for web development. This new year brings with it new trends and ideas that are set to infiltrate the heads of designers across the world. These trends are universally being accepted as the simplest yet the most creative of ways to design a layout. These trends are liked by both user and developer. Of course time will bring in new trends inevitably, but for now these are the reigning ones.


Still using Liberation Serif and the other usual fonts to adore your page? That is the case with most of the developers, as web kits with fancy fonts were an expensive affair, and I quote, ‘were’. Yes, if you still are not updated on this then do so, because these web kits are now no longer as expensive as they once were. In case of Google fonts, its absolutely free. Skilled developers with limited resources can now implement their skills using these fonts to make there projects even more appealing to the eye.


Over the years, through market research and common sense, one simple fact is undeniable in nature, Simple is in. Period. Users find over clogged web sites to be confusing and unhelpful. It takes longer for them to find what they are exactly looking for. Check out the apple website for example. They have maintained their website throughout its tenure with a simple yet appealing design. And users have liked it. You need not be an apple fan to appreciate beauty.

Flat Design

Flat design has gained a lot of momentum over the past two years and it is gaining popularity even faster. You can see that web design as the face of the operating software for windows mobile. Nokia is using the design for their new Lumia series, and the consumers are liking it. And why would they not? It’s a simple yet intriguing design, receiving positive reviews. The most common example is Windows 8. Web developers are looking more and more into this type of design for their projects.

Card design

Card design is another emerging trend in 2015, gaining popularity because of its explanatory nature. Cards are a simple and fun way to interact with the users. It makes understanding the site ten times as easier, which is facilitated further by visual aid and classification. Cards can have relevant images and text which makes it easier for the user to interact with the interface.


With the onset of 2015, web developers can breathe an easy air with the easy access to the tools that were earlier considered out of reach. The new trends in the market will give us a new breed of websites which will be both fun to handle and easy to understand. It’s not about having everything, its about using efficiently all that you have, and these trends will allow developers to the same. After all, great content is useless without proper presentation.


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