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Web Design

Websites equipped with responsive design, flat UI, parallax scrolling and fixed bar are our thing. Over 500+ websites put live online already.

Websites make up your first impression and serve as the cornerstone of your business strategy. Our website design solutions offer a clear brand narrative, impeccable user experience, social innovation and high lead-sales conversion rates. We firmly believe in excellence and make sure our clients get the final result just the way they had envisioned or even better.

A strong online presence can help you in underlining your niche services, besides assisting your brand for standing out amid the competition. At IT Chimes, our design and development teams work with creative vision, professional insight and cutting-edge platforms, and have put some of the most distinctive and memorable website solutions live on the internet. Our diverse portfolio speaks for us, and feeds us with the motivation to keep working towards providing excellence and better customer satisfaction.

What makes our website design solutions click?

First Impression

We understand how important it is to make a strong and lasting first impression. We develop websites that carry a clear brand story that a visitor can identify with instantly. Our website solutions are capable of drawing your customers, besides turning those leads into sales and eventually into a faithful clientele.

Modern Web Design and Development Approach

IT Chimes’ development team works extensively on Agile methodology and deliver websites that become trendsetters in their industry. Our website solutions are replete with all contemporary web elements, such as responsive design, fixed header bar, high-resolution graphics and flat user interface, along with continuous and parallax scrolling.You name it and we have it!

Websites With Clear Brand Perspective

Our creative team works extensively towards understanding your target audience’s psyche and renders the perfect picture to your brand’s online presence. We have designed websites for all business models, be it startups, SMEs and big corporate firms. Our design and development team is proficient at creating websites for eCommerce, business enterprises, social networks, news portals, photography lifestyle and healthcare, among several other disciplines.

Business Goals And Brand Plot Are Communicated With Audience

At IT Chimes, our strategic think-tank is skilled at critically understanding your business plan and then we devise a brand plot that will convert your website into a powerful business medium. We create a knowledge base by asking questions that your target customers will probably ask beforehand. This is how we develop a brand outlook that serves your business or website goals effectively and lead-sales conversion take place.

Design Creation process

Clients have direct access to IT Chimes’ entire creative panel throughout the project, and can select designers who they find better suited for their business requirements and website design.

The design process kicks-off with planning and requirement analysis, wherein the entire design and development team is briefed by the client about the website’s purpose, UI & UX, creative vision, content strategy and competition trends.

Our QA team oversees the site structure and wireframe modules, and then gets them approved by the client for feedback before handing them over to the design team.

Wireframe Design

The creative panel applies the brand perspective in their wireframe design using client’s briefing notes and business goals determined during the planning stage. The design is in nascent stage and usually we use pencil and paper at first. The concept is created and then it is given a digital dimension using the best graphic tools.

Tweaking Mock-ups

The design mock-ups are compared and the best features from them are selected, which are the most consistent with the client’s specification. We use Adobe Creative Suite for this purpose, since it is the best for tweaking and slicing design layers.

QA Review and Client Feedback

The QA team reviews the final mock-up and demands changes, if needed. The final web design is shared with the client for approval, and once that’s done, the design stage proceeds for the coding stage. Clients could ask for changes if they feel that something is out of place and they are not getting the results they wanted. The creative panel makes the necessary changes and the mock-up again needs to be reviewed by QA, before it is shared with the client for feedback.

Coding Begins

After client approves the website design, the Creative Suite mock-up is sliced up and the basic HTML and CSS code is written. The dynamic web page elements are incorporated later at the developers end, and it is this stage when the website’s first look emerges. The developers coordinate with the creative design panel throughout the project for feedback and build reviews.

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