The .NET Framework

.NET Framework constitutes the essential Windows constituent, which, is highly significant in creating and then operating the future generations of various computer applications and XML based Web services. The framework serves several software objectives like:

  • To create an environment based on code-execution that will reduce the conflicts arising from the deployment and creating new version of software.
  • To ensure safe execution of code created by any party
  • To help reduce the performance problems associated with various software environments.
  • To keep the experience consistent while using diverse applications like Windows-based applications and Web-based applications.
  • To maintain industry standards to integrate .NET Framework code with any other code.

Microsoft .net framework

.NET Framework is the de facto development standard used for creating a customized desktop application or upgrading any existing system. The scalability and interoperability of .NET framework makes it a standardized and broad based support.


Business today

Modern times Businesses look forward to the IT departments for a professional support in such a way that the technological world improves the performance of the organization. The IT experts work out to create technologies to provide quality performance in minimum time. The best suited technology in this regard is none other than The Microsoft® .NET framework.

Gartner Group, being one of the leading business profile holders, and a regular user of .NET, comments by stating,”.NET is a brilliant strategy that enables Microsoft to define the next shift in the software business.”


Why .NET?

A business collaborated with the IT technology can find the best applications to aid the business, based on .NET Framework. Some essential business applications working on .NET Framework are as follows:

  • Human resource management
  • Applications to run accounts
  • Product/inventory related applications
  • Handy gadgets applications for Warehouse management
  • Web sites management
  • Applications to manage Value chain/supply management
  • Internet integration of business partners
  • XML Web services



The business needs .NET not because it is the need of the time but, also because .NET facilitates the business owner through number of characteristics.

Microsoft .net framework image

  1. Scalability: Once the business is set up, the process of its growth begins. The early business, with a small set up would flourish into a great economic phenomenon. At this point, the IT infrastructure has to come in action. All the applications also need a timely update. .NET being known for its scalability becomes the most appropriate option to stay in the business. This becomes a favorable IT application to hold the large load of a growing business.
  2. Maintainability: The total cost of owning software is very high. A business set up needs to reduce it to a considerable value. It is not just the ownership cost which matters, but also the cost of maintenance and modifications cost somewhat high. For a flourishing business the best option is to opt for .NET, which due to its configuration system can be conveniently updated instead of rewriting the code. Hence, the cost reduces due to easy to handle maintenance.
  3.  Deployment: Deployment also reduces the costs of ownership. Deployment was a complicated process in the past as it required number of DLLs to be deployed and registered. Co-existence of all the DLLs on a machine was a challenging task, and handling their diverse versions at the same time was not less than a nightmare in itself. The solution came in the shape of .NET framework which helped to solve the issue, by making it possible for multiple versions of a single DLL to co-exist on the same machine.
  4. Reliability:  As far as the production applications are concerned .NET Framework, proves its reliability as the most trusted engine. Since its inception in 2002, it is being used to develop number of different sized applications. This reliability has made the System personnel really happy and satisfied, as it saves much if their time and energy. The built-in checks within the .NET Framework, keeps the system running. Hence, it becomes a great aid to uplift the E-commerce status of the company.
  5. Security: Any work environment looks for security in the times, when cyber-crime is at its peak. Security is an essential feature added to .NET Framework from the very first day. It is assumed as the top notch feature of the framework. The security hence is a key concern for every business personnel as when an intruder, enters your system as a hacker, he can result in the leakage of several business essentials leading to decreased public trust and reliability etc.
  6. Cross Platform: .NET assists the developers to develop applications that can run on PDA along with a desktop, browser etc. The most advantageous aspect of the framework is that the developers get at ease for using the same code for multiple applications. This is a great stimulus for the productivity of the developers working in the business related applications.




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