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Insufficient Funds Working Against Your Big Idea?

IT Chimes helps individuals and startups possessing powerful creative vision in converting their dreams into reality. If your success story is missing the essential juice due to lack of funds, we will be proud to support your cause and will fill-in the shoes of the investor you craved for attention. So if you have a powerful business idea for a web portal or mobile application that has paradigm shifting attributes, we will cover your action plan and frankly support your maiden voyage by funding the project.

How Will IT Chimes Help You in Building Funds?

If we place our faith in your project, then we also expect that burning passion at your end as well. We will analyze your Big Idea for its business magnitude, market compliance, and creativity, besides current and future monetary evaluation. Based on that study, IT Chimes will decide how to proceed with funding your Big Idea into a real entity.

Initial Funding

IT Chimes has no predefined scale of measuring your business vision and action plan. However, if the idea appeals to us then we will provide the necessary funding and support your interests with honest conviction.

Intellectual Property Rights

Your business idea will remain yours and nobody else can make a claim to that, and for this reason we offer to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in order to protect your intellectual property rights.

Project Development

IT Chimes’ rich experience in web and mobile application development will help in enhancing your Big Idea for mainstream execution. We will do the necessary market research and assist you in laying out the success plan.


We will employ our resourceful internet marketing tactics to promote your idea with the world, thereby making your dream into the talk of the entire digital media space. IT Chimes has the infrastructure to put your idea on top of its game.

Our Selection Process For Funding

At IT Chimes, we are looking for web and mobile applications that are original, commercially viable and could be monetized effectively. The application scenario has changed dramatically over the past few years and hence, we will judge your app on the basis of several important parameters before we consider supporting and funding it. Further, the ideas for the development are squarely directed at
their target user base and will be evaluated on their crowd engagement ability, uniqueness and future monetary evaluation. We are looking for web and mobile applications that fit the following norms-

  • Authenticity and Uniqueness
  • Creative approach
  • Commercial Viability
  • Ease in Monetization
  • Functionality
  • Scalability

IT Chimes’ Previous Fully And Partially Funded Projects


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