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The power of the Microsoft .NET Framework and its capability to work seamlessly with a large number of systems and applications makes it a point of focus for us at IT Chimes. With a sound grounding in using Microsoft’s .NET technology services in designing modules and code innovation, IT Chimes offers refined and error-free quality products and services in the e-business application development sector.
Our .NET services include providing user interface, data accessibility and database connectivity besides helping in web application development, numeric algorithms and network communications.


Various .NET Technology Services that our team provides

  • Designing system architecture for development and deployment of software
  • To help in generating technical solutions
  • Correcting errors and bugs in the applications generated
  • Creating separate components for each module
  • Easy split multi-tier architecture

Our software developers use the Microsoft .NET Framework and Active Server Pages .NET to build and develop original software applications and web services for our clients. The compatibility of the .NET technology with most platforms available today makes it a great option for creating applications. Another reason for its widespread use and popularity among developers is the trust of the Microsoft brand name.


Why Microsoft’s .Net Framework is Important?

  • It provides a rich user end experience by taking advantage of powerful and feature rich user interface (UI) technologies.
  • It helps in integrating with other applications and systems which increase the usability to the maximum.
  • Web applications and XML web services that are built using the .NET Framework have the capability to sense various errors and recover from them on their own, thus reducing the chances of application failure.
  • It increases the speed and performance of server based application due to the advanced compilation and caching techniques.
  • It improves the security of applications to a great extent by granting system administrators more security control and reducing the load at the user end. System administrators can control the way in which the applications can be accessed and how applications use resources.
  • It makes deployment of updated versions of application easier and simpler where one needs to copy the updated version only to the server which is being accessed by the end users.
  • It makes possible for applications that are made using the .NET Framework to integrate with the systems that already exist and with packaged applications even if the underlying platforms are different. This is made possible through the XML web services or system specific connectors.

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  • Thank you for your continued work on this project. Thank you for your flexibility and ability to adjust to needs. Thank you for continuing to monitor and work all aspects of the project...

    Matt Dill, Data Snap
  • I’ve worked with IT Chimes for 7 months now and regard them as a key partner. I have a close relationship with my project manager (Vibhu) who speaks great English and has lived in the UK...

    Grant Crow, My Talent Place
  • Excellent Work! Exactly what I wanted. I always thought it will be hard to bring my company’s essence on the web. Thanks for doing this...

    Pia Hallstrom, Pia Hallstrom Ltd. (UK)
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