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Offshore Website Development Company

Offshore Website Development Company is a firm that provides different IT solutions to clients in different parts of the world at an affordable cost. Offshore is nothing but outsourcing. Outsourcing means transferring of responsibilities that are involved in any business operation to an external service provider. Offshore Web Development Companies are playing an important role in I.T. strategies for many major corporations. Offshore helps the organizations to focus on their core business processes while their offshore partners can look into non core activities related to programming, web applications etc. It helps the organization in attaining desired quality by keeping a cost controls at the operations level.

Offshore Website Development Company Is Your Virtual Company

Offshore website development companies acts as virtual extensions for their clients’ in the process of development of their extension of the web and stand alone application who help to make their work more effective and efficient. With signing an outsourcing contract both the service provider and the client enter a crucial contract full of optimism and high expectations. It is a critical process that directly impacts the company’s performance and thus good understanding of the offshore company is required before the client agrees on the offshore company for their outsourcing needs.

Infrastructure Of the Offshore Development

Many small and medium size companies outsource works to Offshore Web Development India companies as their offshore partners provide them with the needed infrastructure both physical and good resources and the required technical know how to ensure quality and timely delivery of their project. This helps in increasing productivity and efficiency of company and keeps the client competitive both in their services and the prices they offer to their customers. Offshore web development companies should have capabilities to delivery products as per the requirement of the client.

Communication Skill

Offshore website development is the most effective when both parties involved namely the client and the service provider have a good communication level between each other. The company should be accessible to the client when required. The client should be able to explain what it requires through proper documentation of the project. Companies can use various communication method such as emails, use of VOIPs, online messengers, project management tools etc as per the understanding between the client and the service provider.

Solid Technological Base

Computers are machines which can crash at any given time. The offshore web development company should have a system to recover the data and save on the business. Offshore website development is possible only if the company has a foundation of rigorous business continuity practices, disaster planning and recovery processes.

Disaster Recovery plan evolves an investments in technology that will leverage the value for the customer and ensure a seamless transition through the recovery phase. Disaster Recovery plan should have three objectives:

  • Prevents in minimizing the probability of business interruptions
  • Minimizing the impact of any business interruption and keeping a focus on the business running at the highest possible service level
  • Recovery makes sure that normal operations following after any incident that gives rise to business interruption.

IT Chimes a professional Offshore Web Development Company has been providing offshore services for web applications, website development, php technology, e-commerce, content management systems and other web solutions to clients around the globe. With more than 300 clients worldwide and 500 projects successfully delivered IT Chimes is the leader in the web industry and ensures that clients requirements are given the highest priority delivering projects with quality and on time.

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