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Product Development Models

IT Chimes for Product Development

Through our various product development models, we provide our clients with effective and cost-efficient solutions that can be tailor fitted depending on the clients’ requirements. Our development models give clients the option to choose the composition of the technical teams that will be working on their projects. The roles and tasks of the teams involved in development, testing, technical support, etc are laid down as per the demands of the clients and the complexity of the projects.

Another advantage that our clients have is the ability to change the team size if and when they require as per the demands of the projects. Not only can the team size be increased but can also be decreased if the need for resources varies at any stage of the development process. Experts can be hired to work on the project if it requires certain advanced skills, thus maintaining an optimum pace of the overall development process.

The various product development models that we offer are as stated below:

On Project Basis

We provide thorough software development services till the very completion of the product. Here, the software requirements are clearly specified, the scope of the project is well defined and the timeline is measurable. This model requires a high level of client cooperation with our team which involves sharing of timely information and relevant decisions so that the project can be completed within the specified time frame.

Offshore Development Center

The Offshore Development Center (ODC) model works best when implemented on medium to large scale projects with the project specifications evolving continuously as time progresses. Here, the requirements of resources are more, and therefore require regular support, testing and updates to maintain the project standards on the latest technology platforms.

Offshore-Onshore Model

This model is required for large and complex projects where it is necessary for our software development and technical team to work hand in hand with the client’s engineering team to integrate different knowledge processes to successfully complete the project. A part of our team visits the clients’ on-site technology centre, while the rest of the team works on the project from our offshore center.

Advantages of IT Chimes’ Product Development Models

  • Increased Transparency
  • Greater Flexibility
  • Improved Security
  • Enhanced Scalability

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