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Agile Web Development

IT Chimes follows the method of prioritising goals and working in a planned way to deliver their clients with best results. We develop software as a service, responsive websites, corporate website and mobile apps and interfaces that are backed with a complete quality assurance.


Consulting Services

We offer consulting services for adoption, transition and improvement of Agile web development. We have tools for continuous integration and environment automation.

Application Development

IT Chimes develop application that is tailored to fit the requirement of the clients.  We develop application using methodologies like XP, SCRUM and Lean.

Tools And Process

Our tool assessment includes DevOps tools and ALM. These tools and process are set up to build automation, continuous integration and test automation.

Agile Maturity Model

Agile Maturity Model and toolkit also known as Agile Index of Maturity (AIM) is used by us to assess maturity of agile of any organization.


  • Adding new features and upgrading technology is easier.
  • Cross functional technology no inter domain misunderstandings during SDLC.
  • Agile web development technique have short documentation.
  • Reduces the risk of project delivery
  • Constant feedback from customer to manage changes
  • Practices are tailored for Pilot and Prove

Why Us

Team of Experts

Our experienced team of professionals will take care of all the requirements of your dream projects.

Dedicated Manpower

We offer you with the employees who will take care of your project exclusively. Our employees know are trained to put all their efforts and concentration in the assigned projects.

Cost Effective

Get the best services at an affordable cost in the minimum amount of time.

Support and Maintenance

Our customer services are available 24×7 . we have an alert and responsive customer service to  never get beyond your reach.

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