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E-Learning Portal

IT Chimes possess exceptional developing team to make a perfect blend of business experience and e-learning domain to deliver the best e-learning portal to our clients.  For over 10+ years, web portal development has been building up tough competencies to become the right partner for your web portal project. We offer our clients with complete e-learning portal which is tailored to all your requirements. We help you to enhance your user experience and provide secure access to information and data.


Learning Management System Software

LMS can help in easy training for educational organization, institution and allow access students/ employees anytime and anywhere. This can also used to distribute course and for educational records. We are expert at integrating LMS with custom courses to get desirable results. We provide you with plug-in for documenting, delivering, reporting and tracking learning process.

End To End Learning Solutions

We offer you with end to end services starting from analysing your organization structure, skill gaps, learning areas and many other aspects. We apply appropriate pedagogy to offer you with the most suitable solution.

E- Learning Application Development

We develop the E- Learning application that suits your business approach in the best way possible. This custom application is as per market trends and requirements.

Education Portal Development

We aim at providing best education portal development which enables interactive system for e-Learning. Our approach gets customized as per the requirements of our clients for various services.


Employee Learning

We help you to provide your employees with the learning platforms anywhere from mobile or cloud devices.


We help you deploying compliance training at a faster rate, provide you with the reporting and automate re-certifications.

Multi Channel

We offer our clients with learning management system (LMS) for all learning initiatives.

 Robust Reporting

IT Chimes offer you with robust, innovative and intuitive reporting for rescuing our client’s company from labeling as outdated learning medium.


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