SEO has evolved drastically in the recent times. Currently, the market is aiming at driving traffic towards the website through SEO (search engine optimization). This new-age technique has become an essential tool for the aspiring digital marketers and the budding ones.  In the competitive world of standing out, investing some efforts in the new twerks can lead to success in order to understand SEO. It will not take you much time to master the art of SEO. Here are a few hacks which can help you understand SEO without any training:


Engaging Content Marketing

The entire content which is being used acts as a masterpiece in marketing strategy. Your content should have a defined purpose. Find a set of relevant keywords and come straight to the content about your business. Selecting the best keywords regarding the targeted audience is a plus factor. Look up for the keywords attracting organic traffic. An engaging content always retains the readers and improves your ranking.



  • PPC Service

    If you think whether PPC increase can drive more traffic to your website or not, then, the answer is certainly yes! It hardly matters the number of times you show up on the very first page, if you are not getting enough clicks. Thus, increasing your click through rate is immensely important. Hiring a PPC (Pay Per Click) team or PPC service provider can be effective in improving your business.


  • Investing in Mobile Optimisation

    Mobiles have become an integrated part of every marketing strategy. Google AMP (accelerated Mobile Pages) is enough to stay on top of google search engines. Your website needs to function better and look great. Google AMP is always a saviour. It will reduce the bounce rate of your website, thereby, improving its loading speed. This is an open source coding that will ensure fast loading speed of the website on mobile phones.


  • Relevant Infographics

    This method involves the usage of informative graphics or presentation of information in a visual manner. It grabs the attention of viewers. While using information and graphics together, you need to make sure that relevant and attractive visual effects are being added. Inserting captivative images will be a great idea to draw the attention of the users. It will enhance the credibility of your content and promote the website as well.


  • Content Distribution Strategy

    Without efficient distribution, your content will not be able to get deserved ROI to your business. Promoting the content with the help of various Social Media sources will drive diverse traffic to your website. While considering content distribution, you should not forget the public relation and influencers outreach in order to intensify your content. PR can help conserve your content in popular online publication.


Optimising search engines plays a significant role in achieving high website ranking. With all the above hacks, one can get the desired results by investing sufficient inputs. Achieving large amount of traffic from different sources is necessary for making a website successful.  Implementing these simple tactics can make your online business successful. In case of any help or enquiry you can get in touch with us.

Pushpendra ShuklaPushpendra is a highly innovative and passionate marketer working in the field of Digital Marketing for over 10 years now. He has been a witness to the evolution of SEO and Internet Marketing practices and has adapted his strengths to provide the best solutions to his clients.

He is highly detailed and result driven when it comes down to creating strategies for complex projects. His indepth understanding of Technical SEO gives him an upper hand while optimizing websites that help in achieving the desired results.

In his free time, Pushpendra likes to write about updates and techniques of SEO for readers looking to understand the world of SEO. He actively participates in discussions about current affairs in and around the world.