Everyone wants a website that looks appealing, can be operated in a flexible manner and most importantly at an affordable budget. In short, you want a working website highlighting your services; you want to avoid the situation where developers will be throwing jargon at you. With every buzzword of the industry and acronym you have, your invoice starts getting bigger. Well in that case, all you need is a site builder. So let’s have a look at 5 things your Developers need to flaunt in their inventory:

website Builder

1. Features

You can create custom templates with the template creation system or can import and adapt any static template with CMS and TM/CSS . The optional features that you can offer are:

  • Areas with password protection
  • Forms
  • A scroll-to-top button
  • E commerce modules
  • Configurable favicon
  • Email accounts and management
  • Google indexing
  • Generation of AML sitemap
  • Dropbox integration
  • Integration of Twitter

2. Template Quality

You can use minimalist, flat and bit hipster themes by switching imagery or creating custom imagery. You should provide the user with this custom quality to an extent where some of the building variables like fonts, colors, type size and backgrounds. You can offer add in CSS in many themes and custom CSS on the basis of per page.

3. Seamless Functionality

The site is for selling your product in a larger amount. For this you need to pick up the e commerce solution that suits your needs. One critical aspect is to choose the correct platform for building your site so that you can implement functionalities that you need to focus. No one wants their site to purely become an information provider.

Some companies focus to the design of the website which lead to the chances of squeezing functionality and vice versa. The functionality of a website is a crucial part because in order to a make positive impression on the visitors of the website you will be requiring a seamless functionality.

4. Purpose Clarity

This usually happens when website is designed with the purpose of impressing visitors. Your visitor can’t convert into customers, if you don’t have purpose clarity. It doesn’t anyway mean that design shouldn’t be alluring or impressive but you don’t need to focus too much into the visual part. You should always help your customers by offering web design elements which can be formed on layout of a page in order to distract visitors. You can design your templates in an engaging manner with required amount of information in it.

5. SEO Friendly

Making a website SEO friendly is one of the prime purposes. This doesn’t mean search engine friendly but also easily accessible to the users searching for you using search engine for information on your site. Always remember the golden rule that you are never doing it for search engine but for mainly for the audience. If you keep this fact in mind ten you can create a SEO friendly web page. Developers should always strive towards creating a page which will be easily maintained, quickly loaded and can maintain consistency. This will make your website user friendly and hence attracting more traffic.

Make sure that website developers you are choosing for your website are well aware of these facts. They should build a website that can support web technologies that are up to date with latest trends. They should be compatible and catering to suit the requirements of the clients. Choose wisely as your website is the doorway to your business for your customers.


Parmod KumarParmod is a web development veteran with a vast expertise of working on industry-leading technologies like Wordpress, JQuery, Javascript, CSS, and PHP. When he’s not busy coding the next big thing, you will find him reading about the latest and greatest in the development industry.

Keeping himself abreast and staying on top of the latest development trends is what he loves the most and his astounding work is a pure testament of that.