As the cloud computing becomes more and more prominent for the the Desktops and Laptops, how can these smartphones lag far behind? There are already few apps floating around which are purely cloud-based but there are really no standard platform to develop these apps. Adobe, the name with no introduction needed, has jumped in to bridge this gap, and aptly calls the service as PhoneGap.

Adobe PhoneGap – Bridging All the Gaps

PhoneGap is not a built from scratch project really. Instead Adobe took advantage of PhoneGap framework which is a open source project. PhoneGap from Adobe is designed to build to help creating cloud based mobile apps using standard web technologies.  The biggest advantage of this, as Adobe claims, is to be able to develop for any OS practically including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Bada, webOS and Symbian, eliminating the need to develop for each of them separately. The other maginificent achievement, provided it works like Adobe claims, is that a developer can upload the code to to PhoneGap and it will directly return usable apps for the targeted OS. What makes me feel that the thing is near perfect is that the amount of Beta test it has undergone. 90,000 developers, with 200,000 apps cant go wrong by much really.

Adobe creative cloud, of which we talked a bit in an older post, is again hosting this and the usual fee structure is applicable. However an introductory offer of $29.99 is available for limited qualified members as well.

We hope this is the dawn of a new era of app development as this has many points favouring it.


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