The concept of mobile e-commerce grew rapidly during 2023 and it is quite obvious that this isn’t going to change negatively in 2024 and the years coming. Many consumers are now relying on mobile e-commerce to purchase their products and services as it’s easier and can be done from the comfort of the place they’re in.

Here are six resolutions every smart mobile e-commerce professional should make in 2024:-
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  • Provide users with the products and services they want


There wouldn’t be any need for mobile e-commerce if customers can’t find what they’re looking for. This is why you have to make sure that you provide them with the products and services they’re looking for. This can be done by analyzing your target audience, conducting surveys, and implementing other research methods. You should enable users to favorite services and products as well, like brick and mortar shops. Customers usually like looking around before purchasing something. On the mobile application, you need to make the browsing procedure enjoyable by enabling users to add products to ‘’wishlists’’ or even a favorite section. You should then allow them to return to their collected lists to provide them with extra time that they need to select the item or service they want to purchase.


  • Make sure the Interface is Simple and not Crowded


When you’re designing a user interface (UI), it is essential that it is simple and not crowded with unnecessary elements. Customers won’t be able to properly use the application should the content on the screen can’t fit on their device. It is essential that you design the application in an easy manner so customers can use it easily and purchase something.


  • Prevent Long Registering and Checkout Procedure


There is nothing more that customers hate more than long registering and check out procedures, and this isn’t an exception with users of mobile applications.


The point of mobile e-commerce is convenience and by doing that, you are making it more difficult and time consuming for them. You should make the procedure easier by enabling new customers to sign up using a social network and even buy products or services as guests. You should also store user data for future purchases that take place.

You should make the procedure easier by enabling new customers to sign up using a social network and even buy products or services as guests. You should also store user data for future purchases that take place.



This is going to save them the time of having to enter their information again when a purchase is made. As an extra thing, try using autocomplete for these tasks.


  • Always Make Sure that User Data is Safe


One of the essential things that can be done for users is ensuring that their information if safe, whether it is their financial information or personal data.

This should be done even if it risks blowing the development budget and postponing launch. Spending that additional time and finances building applications that are safe as possible will improve your reputation, which your business depends on. It shouldn’t matter if you sell services, products, or have the best application in the world. When a customer loses trust in your application, he/she will never come back.


  • Minimize the Amount of Pictures


Most mobile e-commerce users, especially shoppers, want their screens to load quickly. When this doesn’t happen, customers are most likely going to shop in another place. We all understand that this is impossible to happen with everyone because fast broadband internet isn’t available everywhere.

A simple technique to make sure that you application loads quickly is by limiting the amount of high resolution pictures used in every screen. When you think about it, one is definitely more than enough.


  • Condensed Navigation


Unlike e-commerce sites, where there are usually large menus that record categories and promotions, with smaller mobile app screen size you are somewhat limited to the amount of items that can be displayed in international navigations. To make the discovery procedure easier for users, you have to make sure that the menu is placed consistently and in a clear manner throughout the application. You should also make sure that the menu list consists of the most essential categories and section. Every menu item has to be written and understood by using single wording.

These are all excellent resolutions that are most likely going to take your mobile e-commerce business to the next level. You don’t necessarily have to implement them all at the same time, but you should at least implement two or three in the beginning so customers can have the right first impression.  


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