Web Design And Web Development are often used interchangeably  but there are indeed many differences between them.  Web design is more of a designing job where colours and aesthetics play a bigger role whereas web development means coding using different programming languages. Let us point out the difference between web design and web development

Web Design:

web design
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It is mainly divided into a few domains, 2D design, 3D design,  animation etc.

Major Softwares

Windows: PhotoShop, Inkscape, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, After Effects, Dreamweaver,

Linux: GIMP, Inkscape, ImageMagic, Xpaint, Scribus

Mac: PhotoShop, GIMP, Scribus, Blender, InkScape, DAZ Studio


Web Development:

Web Development
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It is the process of coding so the visual components can work for the intended purpose.

For example, there is a Icon on the screen, clicking on which should make a website translate to Portuguese.. The designer will design the icon but the developer will  be adding the code in the background and associate it with the button so when we click the icon works like it should.

Major Software

Windows: Alletcode, Amaya, Komodo, Aptana, NetBeans, Screem, BlueFish

Linux: Komodo, Aptana, NetBeans, Screem, BlueFish, Eclipse, Geany, Oxigen

Mac: Coda, Delta Walker, Espresso, CSS Edit, Navicat


The reason behind the confusion:

Actually the confusion is due to a few reasons.

  1. Many web designers know a certain amount of web development and vice versa. The reason behind this is when you know both part, you become a complete web solution provider.
  2. Some software provides features which let you do little bit of both worlds.
  3. The words designing and developing are close in meaning, adding to the confusion.
  4. General ignorance of common people.

We already covered a great deal about these various different job roles in web development on our Sqidoo channel.


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