Diwali is one of the most grandly celebrated festivals Of IT Chimes. While most of the other festivals are marked by just a day off or some small in-house celebration, there Diwali is made real big with some storming preparation and celebration. Since the inception of IT Chimes, with the passage of each year, Diwali celebration has grown bigger and bigger, owing to the combined efforts, dedication and enthusiasm of the employees. They participate in the preparation and execution whole heatedly and organize a big party.

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At IT Chimes, the Diwali Celebration for the year 2012, was completely an employees’ affair; starting from marketing, decoration, planning, execution, everything was handled by the employees. The day was a complete no work-all fun day. The employees made different groups and each group took up various responsibilities; while some took up decoration, some went for marketing, some finalized the menu, likewise each employee made himself useful in some way or other. However, the real essence of the was that everyone enjoyed and strengthened the work culture of IT Chimes. Games were organized, which allowed each of employee to participate and get involved. This year the Diwali fun like candle lighting and cracker burning was followed by heavy evening snacks. All enjoyed the time and left for the day with their gifts.

Each year the way of celebration changes, new ideas hit the planning process, but IT Chimes continue to grow as a family and the agenda of celebration remains the same : providing relaxed and fun filled moments to the employees to spice up their life @ IT Chimes.


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