If you are a techie and are looking forward to becoming a web developer then we are going list some tools that will help you kickstart your career. If you hadn’t had much time to look at the changes that were occurring in the online world for developers, then you have arrived at this blog at the right time, cheers to that!

Thankfully the degree of change in technology or tools online have correlated positively to the problem-solving efforts of developers who dug deep into their specialties.  

Tools that Every Web Developer Needs

#1. Bugherd

Price range: Free to $99/month for 25 members

As many web development companies believe that their work is over as soon as the website of a client is up. But if anything is to be believed it should be that the actual work begins when the client starts to receive the feedback in emails and the time of nightmare begins for the developers.

Bugherd provides a neat way to manage these feedbacks, bug fixes and feature requests that can be easily added using this tool without the email overheads. Mere a .js include to website and visitors to the site can click on the feedback button. Apart from the 25 members, guests get to file the bugs and requests and the members can administer the whole code from a friendly, intuitive interface.

#2. Fontello

Price Range: Free

If you are wondering about how to find the set of icons with a consistent look and feel for your website, then your search is over at Fontello. Fontello not only has a big library of icons to choose from but you can also choose the glyphs you need and compile them into your own minimalist list.
Of course you can still download from GitHub repository but Fontello.com interface makes customizing your favourite font very easy.


Price range: Free to $49/month

An excellent prototype tool in the market that allows you to not only get up and running with your tentative ideas but also provides you enough deep insight so that you can refine your ideas. It let’s you visualize your ideas in such a way that you build a plan for executing them step by step.
It also handles the touch gestures that you might be looking for, handles animations and provides space for commenting and sharing.

#4. Foundation 3

Price range: Free

With the touch interface technologies coming in, responsive design have found their way to use in no time. Things are still changing fast and developers are pushed to stay up to date with the changes that are occurring, leaving them with only one option- conduct their own R&D. This is where Foundation 3 steps in.

Foundation 3, developed by an agency called ZURB with ample experience to throw at the responsive problem, they made this tool to act as a blueprint for your own projects, as a rapidly prototyping tool or can act as an object lesson in how to address the web’s most current issues.
The latest release has introduced a simplified grid structure and makes the jump to SASS/Compass, allowing a more ready approach to styling.

#5.Dreamweaver CS6

Price range: From £344.32

The new update from Adobe’s Dreamweaver CS6 that includes popular features like fluid layouts, CSS3 transitions and enhanced PhoneGap has really hit the ground running. The problems with the earlier versions that made it difficult for balancing the across the board functionality for the users has been managed pretty well by CS6 version.

#6.Cloud9 IDE

Price range: Free to $12/ month premium

Browser based IDE finally came across with a number of projects that offer fully-featured apps which make collaborating from anywhere on even large scale projects. Among these Cloud9 stands out.

Its code editor is very usable and easy. Must have features like code completion, smart drag and drop document trees, FTP integration and the most popular feature is the one that recognizes each new user with a different colored cursor and hence can prevent hacking by closing the feedback loop.

#7.Sencha Touch 2

Price range: Free

Mobile or touch device have changed the way web developers used to work in the past, and we believe that it has changed for good. Sencha Touch 2 provides a more a broader and heterogeneous environment for development within the reach of HTML5 developers.
What makes Sencha Touch 2 stand out of the list of its competitors is that it provides an improved API, stronger docs, training materials and a firmed-up integration with many leading devices.

#8.Adobe Edge Inspect

Price range: Free

Formerly known as Adobe Shadow, Adobe edge inspect is a great little app for mobile developers which provides hassle free design process environment. You need to just pair your device (Android or iOS) with the main machine then the sites that you visit are echoed directly to every connected device.
Whether you have conditional code or responsive template, this platform works just fine for you. If you need to make any changes to the code then just hit the angle brackets next to your paired device and get started.


Price range: Free

If you think by now that the concept of code editor is done and there are so many tools out there that make you imagine that the final blueprint is done then Brackets shows you that even at this level there’s plenty of possibilities left to explore.
Adobe’s Edge Code, which was built on Brackets, let’s you add some excellent features for typography and PhoneGap.

#10. Modernizr 2.6

Price range: Free

Version 2.6 of the popular browser capability detection tool updates a couple of dependencies, but the largest volume of detects come from the community that it belongs to. Improved geolocation, WebGL and many more are its popular features.

Apart from tools

If you think there are tools that haven’t made our list but you think they should then please provide us with your valuable comments. We made this list to help developers in their search for tools that are free, highly competitive and bring along some recognizable features.


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