Did you know the fact that many apps on Facebook can access your personal information? Facebook constantly keeps enhancing their design in order to grab attention and interest of a lot of users and influence them to add apps in Facebook without knowing that they are allowing those apps or app creators to access their personal information.

Facebook uses this identity and information as a currency for trading and taking its stock up and down. Another leap forward in this regard is made by Facebook through its new App Center. Here are five tricks used by Facebook that affect privacy decisions of Facebook users.

1. Single Button Trick:

In old app design Facebook show two buttons named “Allow” and “Don’t Allow” giving a chance to its users to take a decision. But, in its new app center Facebook decide to use a single button so that users do not have any other option but to allow their information being passed to app creators without even recognizing.

2. Tiny Gray Font Trick:

Facebook designer is well versed with the fact that users are habitual of ignoring text written with gray color display on the page. Keeping practically decreasing importance of gray color, Facebook designers have selected gray color font for permissions that users are about to grant.

3. Tiny Hidden Information Symbol Trick:

The old design Facebook offers a complete detail about the basic information that you need to share to add that particular app to Facebook. But, the new design, Facebook designers choose to hide the information. Users can pay attention to the tiny hidden information symbol given stating,” this app is about to gain access to your name, profile pic, Facebook user ID, gender, networks, list of friends and any piece of info you’ve made public on Facebook”.

4. Action Line Trick:

Knowing the fact that the human eyes emphasis on the key button and avoiding what all is given below the virtual action line, Facebook designers hide the detailed permissions that users need to grant below the line of action.

5. Friendly Talk Trick:

Facebook new app center selects to hide from view the term “Permissions”. Facebook now takes users to an attractive page with colorful images and a single button available labeled “Play Game”.


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