Google has recently done an update on its search results and its all across the web.  More google updates can be found out on its inside search blog. They have named this update as Penguin as per the news available on the web. Danny Sullivan one of the prominent persons in the SEO world spread the news around.

Black and white hat SEO has been in rounds where black and white are considered both techniques in some way or the other to work around or of against Google algorithm. I wonder if that is the sole reason for Google opting for these major updates and signifies them with the black/white animals. If they choose to go ahead with further updates should we expect Zebra, Orca, the White Tiger and may be everyone’s favorite skunk?

There are many more but whichever name Google uses they all cause a lot of problems for webmasters all over to re-strategize again.  I believe some do help users in the long run but don’t believe the period to do so should be so quick when we had a release of an update in a year with loads of smaller / medium updates done.

These updates are somehow creating nuisance to a lot of webmasters who have been around and one of the examples of this being created is provided by Divya Fernando. A favorite example of search going bad is making money online and the example is clearly portrayed by Xristos Kostouros

I hope the next few updates on black and white make a relieving difference and make the changes appropriately with them and in time.


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3 thoughts on “Penguin – Panda Updates Google black and white animals !”

  1. Asif

    I have pointed out some points, We should take care while optimize new site according to New Google Algorithm.

    1. Title: It’s not a good practice to repeat Keywords in the title such as SEO, SEO Service, SEO India – IT Chimes. It affects ranking and called as spamming. We must avoid it as far as possible.
    Same Keyword will come only one time in title. Like SEO Service India – IT Chimes
    2. Contextual Linking : First anchor text link counts and only one on the page is going to pass that value. Linking repeatedly to the same page with the same anchor is not helpful for SEO, and it makes our sites look really spammy. Anchor text should be a little longer, a little shorter, a little more natural sounding. “Auto Repair Shop in Las Vegas” is an example of contextual linking.
    3. Keywords in Footer: It was used in the last decades during 2002 or 2003 (Old technique). So we should use keywords in our page content.
    4. Keyword Stuffing in content block is dangerous for our ranking which means special keywords for content block is not good. We should use our keywords natural way in content.
    5. We should submit our Article in that article submission sites which takes time for review our article, Article Sites that gives Direct Approval at the time of submission are not good.
    6. Duplicate Pages : We should remove redundancy which means Duplicate pages with same targeted Keywords: i.e. “Auto Repair Las Vegas, Auto Reapirs Las Vegas, Auto Repair Service Las Vegas” These three keywords should be used in one targeted pages. Separate page for one keyword is not good.
    Thanks & regards

  2. Documentum City

    The update affected our website for a short while! Asifs comment is really good. We are altering a few of our SEO tactics to adhere to the changes, but much of what we do (provide good content) already follows the advice for the update.

  3. Asif

    We should remove un-thematic backlinks from our website’s link juice.
    We should use keywords variation , not exact keywords at the time of submission our sites in various S.B. Articles, PR and Blog commenting Sites.

    Asif Faridi

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