Google is all set with its exclusive JavaScript competitor Dart language with a formal 1.0 release. In addition to this, Google has come up with another great idea about what will be featured in the 3.0 version of Google Web Toolkit (GWT), which is planned for next year.

Emily Fortuna, a software engineer at Google say, “Dart is lined up to reach the 1.0 milestone soon”. Dart will be filled with features like method cascades for simpler modification of objects, JQuery JavaScript functionality, enhance discoverability and readability. It is payable as a new web language that is mainly designed for well-organized web programming.

Fortuna at the recent Google I/O conference in San Francisco said, “We can compile to JavaScript, so we do have the support for any browser”. While the complete version of Dart has full native support only in Chrome browser by Google, it supports other browsers as well.  “The VM [virtual machine] is an open source. Once other browsers decide they would like to add it, they’re free to do so.”news



Dart has already been used in various projects that includes the Glyph 3D font atlas-generation tool for game artists and developers, along with the project management tool.

Further, according to Google engineers, “Google Web Toolkit version 3.0, for creating browser-based applications, is scheduled to become faster and modular.” “Mainly, we’re looking at doubling the speed of the compiler,” engineer Ray Cromwell said at recent Google I/O. The massive GWT SDK will be wrecked up into small tools in order to make it more incorporation with other tools. Further, the out result of JavaScript will be adjusted for modern JavaScript virtual machines. It will be featuring Java 7 and 8 along with better profiling and reporting tools in order to mark performance troubles and enhanced CodeSplitter abilities.

Version 3.0 of GWT will support Hybrid apps. This means, its code will be accumulated with external JavaScript libraries. It will support modern mobile web browsers and will have mobile-optimized widgets. One of its key features will be packaged application development.


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