Offshore Development

The Offshore custom software development, also called  as the offshore custom software engineering, is an emerging profession that helps in establishing, and maintaining diverse kinds of software by making the best use of different sorts of technologies and practices used in information technology. It also makes use of other related fields like project management, mathematics and other areas of expertise related to information technology.  It is not different from the other types of communication as it helps in solving the problems associated with cost and reliability.


The field of offshore engineering supports the business of a customer not just within the boundaries of the native country, but, also extends it to other countries.  The offshore software development can help a business tycoon by offering technological services like product designing and architecture,

coding and testing through development of SaaS, finding Internet and intranet solutions, e-commerce, CRM, project management and by offering specialized web services like Web 2.0.


Services offered by the offshore developer

An offshore software developer extends a great hand to any business in multiplying their resources by offering great advertising services to extend the business. It is a dream of a business community to have a well-established and reputed business through means of modern technologies. Business is not just a game of money; it is now more of a technology thing too. Just words pronounced cannot boast the economy of the business; it now needs skilled and motivated software developers to devise new promotional efforts. The tools hereby used by the offshore developer for the business facilitation can be enlisted as:

  • Logo development and Design
  • Web Development and Design
  • Template Re-Design
  • Application Creation and Layout Design
  • Flash Integration and Animations
  • Banners Design services
  • Print Media Services (examples are stationary, posters, hoardings and billboards)
  • Web Development with technologies like PHP and MySQL.
  • AJAX / JavaScript’s
  • Search Engine Optimizations / SEO, SEM, PPC, Email Marketing,
  • Content Management Systems / CMS
  • fixed and Liquid DIV / CSS Based Layouts


Need of offshore development

In the vast sea of technology every wave brings something new. As the number and strength of these waves increase along the vast shores, it becomes inevitable for the business companies to explore new prospects of expanding their market influence. In this web world, the market is not something that exists as a tangible element, that happens to be in a physical state but it actually occurs as an online marketplace which is intangible.

web developers


Although, the presence cannot be found in physical but this market has to be dealt with in a similar way, as we deal with the tangible market, existing in physical. Hence, answering to the need of the hour, products facilitating the online marketplace like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops, have entered the scene.

With these gadgets the need of an app developer becomes essential who while their full time stay code up the applications needed for the company’s market strategy. This, but was not a feasible solution to all the questions.  To resolve this professional significance of the offshore developer was realized.  

The offshore developers are distinguished for their high quality experience, proficiency and specialized skills in their field. They are renowned for being the best option for all those desiring companies who prefer for an offshore developed rather than the one who they hire as full time developer.  In the world of technology, currently, four technological bases are USA, UK, Canada and Gulf, where they aim to develop their app world by hiring the offshore developers.


Boosting the resources

Creating a competitive product: Offshore developers provide innovation with the help of not just by the technical expertise or by creating the new designs but with their extraordinary innovative abilities. Once their partnership begins with the clients the product gradually improves from what and how they were thought to be.  Their task starts with giving the specification of the software and proceeds forward by passing through the coding and golden testing, that helps make the quality product. The product hence, on being introduced in the market makes handsome revenues.  

Through web development: Through the expertise of the offshore developers many soft wares are created for intranet and extranets. These software help the organizations maintain the information. The outcome is the efficient, proactive and profitable business.  The designed web applications also help in getting the best web content and help in publishing blogs, managing news articles and finally running an online stores. They help run the business successfully by developing Content Management System, E-commerce Shopping Cart, Weblog System, Photo Gallery, and Product Catalog.

Through web design the offshore developer tries to give high quality, precisely calculated services keeping in view the economy of the services. The developer makes the marketing of the product a great revenue source through Web Development, Graphic Design and Desktop Applications.

By search engine optimization Search engine ranking is highly recommended to introduce new visitors and thus multiplying the sales and becoming a great solution to the economic gains.



Parmod KumarParmod is a web development veteran with a vast expertise of working on industry-leading technologies like Wordpress, JQuery, Javascript, CSS, and PHP. When he’s not busy coding the next big thing, you will find him reading about the latest and greatest in the development industry.

Keeping himself abreast and staying on top of the latest development trends is what he loves the most and his astounding work is a pure testament of that.