Christmas is a winter festival celebrating the birth of the Christ. Although controversial to this day, regarding the actual birth date of Jesus, 25th is globally accepted as the day for Christmas. Saffron Tech family having had a great year in terms of work and project successes wanted to shed some of the work load off their members by celebrating Christmas in style! Ever since the first flyers went around office announcing the Christmas Party, people started getting stoked for the moment to arrive. 24th of December was decided as the day of the party. The fun and games kick-started at 2:30 pm and 12:30 am respectively for the day and night shift teams.

Chimes Christmas Galore

The decorations and preparations for the Christmas party began almost 2 weeks in advance where 2-3 volunteers from both the shifts co-ordinated with Shailja and HR team to organize the grand event. Decorations included Red and White balloons glued to the glass walls and work spaces interspersed with ribbons of the same color theme to bring out a uniformity of Christmas spirit around the office atmosphere. It was amusing how the volunteers along with HR team put in such a beautiful effort, taking time out from the regular work schedule to materialize the entire party for the Saffron Family.

There were many games such as Code Decode, Name Place Animal Thing, Memory Puzzles etc. which saw participation of every member present on that day. The famous tradition of Secret Santa was also included on the itinerary. Everyone presented their randomly alloted partners with presents. In essence, these presents held much more value as it was being shared with happiness, joy and the spirit of brotherhood and stood to act as a reflection of Strength in Unity amidst us all.

The Night Shift party began slightly on a melodious note at around 1230 am, with Gaurav, Siddhartha and Soumitro playing a half an hour set of classic to progressive acoustic rock numbers which included songs like, Brick in the Wall, Pain, Radioactive, Saari Raat etc.                                 

After the short gig session, all the teams induced in competitive spirits began strategizing their victory route to achieve the Grand Prize of a Dinner Buffet at an appealing food joint here in Delhi.

After a tough final competition, Sachin’s team won the buffet dinner and the other teams earned all the spoils of war. Christmas is celebrated everywhere around the world. But the Christmas treat that Saffron brings to the table slightly gets an upper edge over any other party in the world.


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