Pinterest, the new Internet marketing tool

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Pinterest, termed as the Facebook for women is fast catching up as a popular social media website. Pinetrest which joined the bandwagon in the year 2010 has since attracted millions of users including businesses. It has opened new marketing avenues for individuals and corporations alike.


Social networking websites have a crucial role to play in determining the success of a business entity. It acts as a catalyst image maker or breaker. Smart business enterprises are cashing on its mounting popularity and using Pinterest to create a favorable brand image.




In the following tips we share some intriguing reasons with you to use Pinterest as an effective Internet marketing tool:


  • Viewed by about a million and a half visitors a day


It has been only two years since Pinterest was born and today the website is viewed by about 1.36 million visitors a day. That is the number of people you can connect to on a daily basis with your business idea.


  •  Free registration


Unlike many websites that have a complicated registration process, Pinterest ditches the lengthy procedure to make the signing up a short affair. And it’s free!


  •  Tap potential and young users


As a matter of fact about 45 percent of Pinterest users fall in the 18-34 age group giving you the opportunity to tap a potential young crowd. You can design user specific campaigns and target them at Pinterest users to convey a message to a large number of people in one shot.


  •  Connect with customers through pictures


Pinterest is a virtual pin-board wherein you can pin your pictures. You can now connect with customers through pictures and engage them in photo commenting and other activities to arouse interest in your business.


  •  Add a personal touch


Pinterest allows you to connect with customers on a personal level. You can give your customers a sneak peek into your business activities by revealing the unseen. Adding a personal touch helps you cement the bond with your customers and earn their faith.


  •  Helps drive qualified traffic


You can communicate an idea with people who share a common interest with your business. This helps you drive qualified traffic to your corporate site and thus earn new customers.


The website has become Internet’s darling in a short span of time. You can find more Pinteresting facts you on