PPC or Pay per click has always been termed as an effective web marketing tool. Web marketers looking for greater web traffic and better business are the first one’s to apply for PPC services.

There are certain factors that you should always look for before you decide to apply for a PPC account.

Using Ppc Pay Per Click

  1. PPC is only YES for e-commerce websites

Can applying for PPC increase my web traffic? The answer to this is yes. According to the data by a PPC expert, PPC can increase your web traffic but the percentage may be different for a different website. On an average, PPC can be the reason for your 10-15% of web traffic of your page. This can go up to 50% – 60% for some other websites depending on the duration of PPC ads active on Google.

But PPC is a YES or NO to choose depends entirely on your business type. PPC will cost you more than other tools and hence it’s only lucrative if you’re an ecommerce website. PPC isn’t for other online services which are not in the business of selling like News, Education, and other non-selling business.

Even if you apply for PPC, irrespective of prior warning to increase your web traffic, you would be paying more than you earned through this misadventure.


  1. Do you need PPC?

While browsing the internet, I came across few people who were using PPC for their business, and the result left a bad taste in their mouth.

One of a reddit user shared his experience and raised a question on the necessity of PPC. He said, for the popular search terms they use, they own the entire search result. And, a study of PPC analytics shows a great number in terms of web traffic, but there’s a mismatch between CPC (Cost per click) and conversion rate that reaches the website through PPC campaign.

However, on contrary, the web traffic from other sources is less, yet the conversion percentage is way higher if compared to PPC.


  1. Which is better? In-house or PPC service providers

This decision can make or break your business depending on your choice. A question often comes into the mind of every marketer when they are in the process of opting for any service to improve their web business.

The discussion heats up at a very important decision- whether to hire an In-house PPC team or sign a deal with a PPC management service provider?

Hiring a PPC team or opting to go with a PPC service provider, both can be a very effective decision based on your business scale. If you’re a big organization which manages more than 4-5 web services within the same company, it’s advised to hire a team of SEO experts. The cost would prove less expensive compared to hiring a service provider company for the same level of company.

But if you’re a small brick or mortar business, it’s better if you sign a deal with a PPC service provider company. Hiring a PPC company would prove expensive.   

We hope these tips help you unless you choose to ignore them. Make or break your company, just a matter of three question.

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