There is no doubt that development frameworks are excellent, but here are the four main issues related to ASP.Net Development Framework 4.0.


Windows isn’t really the best players when it comes to server software that is network based. One windows related factor is that devs related to windows get lost fast when they aren’t in their comfort zone, and this isn’t the case when it comes to linux devs. Computing is bigger than windows. Keep in mind that single operating systems lead to windows’ proliferation. In simple words, Windows will only work with Windows frameworks development at all times and there really isn’t a way this cycle can be broken.


In AWS clouds and frameworks, firing up windows boxes will usually take ten minutes whereas this will usually take twenty seconds with linux boxes. Also, when it comes to the process of cloud scaling, it is essential to scale fast because ten to fifteen minutes is considered to be an eternity.

There shouldn’t be a significant different when it comes to time and duration to that extent.

Visual Studio

Another challenge is the visual studio. The idea that a big IDE is required do any real development bothers me. When I was using a core i7 3.5GHZ desktop, it completely maxed out the experience index of windows and + VS of windows was really slow. On the other hand, when it comes to Macbook pros that have less horsepower, things are faster and there are times where a mouse isn’t even used due to how faster the system works, unlike windows.

Also, VS does a very strange thing sometimes like creating ‘’sln files’’. Sure, C# programming codes should know what should be built an exactly when. References are codes utilizing import statements and it wasn’t for the .NET land files, I could code C # using text editors and becoming fluent in languages. These folders have a strange habit of making merge conflict when Git rebase processes are taking place. There should be no reason why this is taking place until now. If files of VS solutions had Linux ending, it will not load answers by double clicking due to VS solution folders not being able to read it.

Source Control

Fortunately, many users were able to jump from the Microsoft Camp when it comes to source control before it was too late. Many of them were actually using VSS in the beginning of the 2000s. When Git was created released, many were impressed by it and gained hope again. However, there weren’t any port for Windows, something that usually occurrence for money. Git is just like a knife, it is literally sharp but when it is wielded properly, it is strong and lead to effective results.

One-ASP.Net-Platform There was an instance where I utilized TFS for a simple job and it ruined everything. Not only did it infect all my folders and projects, but it also contaminated the directors as well.


The main issue here is that there are more effective tools that can be use like source tree or Gits associated with command lines. The main issue here is that there are more effective tools that can be use like source tree or Gits associated with command lines.


Yes it is true, this is Mono’s second entry. Mono is definitely amazing but it is still considered to be second class when it comes the asp. net world. If you try to run anything significant on Mono, you will find that you are fighting through errors and bugs when this is being implemented. This isn’t the case with other frameworks like Linux which actually makes things worse. With Linux you are going to find it easy in downloading and using the source, finding and the issue, and recompiling it. The idea that users spend a lot of time looking for standard bugs to make the code behave properly is difficult to explain. Also, there are certain components of Mono that are very slow. Even though it isn’t quick in every capacity, the internet server is one significant piece. Mono is an excellent tool to use, but all these problems make it difficult to use and makes the development process frustrating.

This article discussed some of the challenges associated with ASP .Net development framework 4.0. Overall, the framework is great to use. If you don’t find any of these issues frustrating or don’t think this will stop your work and development process, then you should go ahead and use it. However, the framework developers should really consider on improving these points.


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