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Responsive Web Development

IT Chimes is one of the leading company in developing and designing responsive websites on multiple sites. We help your visitors to access your website from any device anytime and anywhere. We have designers who can design visuals, write code and build interface to connect it all.



Our developers keep the scalable factor in mind while developing responsive website for clients. We offer integration and scalability to remain updated with the changing technology.


We offer you with an easy to manage responsive website. IT Chimes offer their clients with appropriate solutions to manage content for multiple sites.

Better Seo Services

We deliver our clients with responsive web development where all the content is easily accessible. We protect your content from getting duplicate on multiple platforms.

Time And Cost Efficient

We cut down our clients cost and development time by creating a responsive design approach for both mobile and desktop with single website.


Why Us

Cross Browser Support

We deliver our clients with responsive web development that can work on variety of browsers like Windows Phone, Safari, iOS, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.

Device Agnostic

We develop websites that are device agnostic which means that users will have a great experience irrespective of the device they use to browse.

High Performance

We develop keeping performance factor in our mind. Majority of the websites just can’t handle huge website assets.


We keep fluidity factor in our mind while developing responsive web for you. IT Chimes doesn’t remain circumscribed to any specific screen dimensions.  


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