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Our Website Maintenance Portfolio

IT Chimes is an ideal Website Maintenance Company where we provide customized Website Maintenance Services to best suit any business challenges, individual requirements as well as your budget. Our maintenance services include hosting on high performance servers, content update, real time technical support, editing, search engine optimization, regularly measuring and analyzing the statistics, bug fixing, constant technical support and adding web pages to keep your website ahead of your competitors.

Areas which need to be covered during website maintenance are:

Publishing: Publishing is require to keep the content up to date.

Quality Assurance: Quality Assurance is performed to identify the errors on a site.

Feedback Monitoring: Customers’ views and problems can be easily identified through Feedback Monitoring.

Performance Monitoring: Through Performance Monitoring customers’ activities can be measured.

Infrastructure Monitoring: Infrastructure Monitoring ensures a sound technical footing for a site.

Change Control: Change Control helps in managing the technical and other changes in co-ordination.

Irrespective of the fact that if a website is designed and developed by some other company, we have the expertise to manage, improve and maintain your website efficiently and cost effectively.

Important Monitoring Points For Website Maintenance Are

  • Broken links management
  • Missing Page Titles
  • Missing content or images
  • Images resolution
  • Spelling and grammar mistakes in content
  • Use of proper headings
  • Layout of web pages
  • Missing headings
  • Missing Meta Data
  • Missing Alt Tags
  • Different browsers compatibility check
  • Functioning of online forms
  • Functionality of java script or other scripting languages
  • File size of pages

Websites Need To Be Updated When Your Company Has

  • received a new accreditation, licensing or any kind of recognition.
  • launched any new product or service.
  • has completed a project successfully.
  • received good reviews from client- added in maybe a testimonial section.
  • company has received an award for its services.

The competition is getting more and more aggressive by the day. Maintaining a heavy flow of traffic is as vital to the success of your website. As a dedicated Website Maintenance Company, our web support team has the right kind of experience and the expertise to serve you in the best possible manner.

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