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Job Portal – Interns Portal Development

IT Chimes provides robust business solutions with larger data processing capabilities and enterprise expandability. We deliver you with the perfect Portal solution through which agencies and job seekers can interact with each other in an effective and efficient manner. For over 10+ years, web portal development has been building up tough competencies to become the right partner for your web portal project.

Key Features

Easy Registration

We deliver with a job portal which has multiple account types with login services. We provide you with quick account activations and easy registration process. You can offer your clients with various type of job posting as per subscription packages.

Document Management System

We offer you with document management system in your job portal for easy, management of employee and candidate documents. Multiple resumes can uploaded in your portal.

Designs And Layouts

We help you in managing intuitive designs and layouts. You can even have special placement and banner services for premium customers.

Support And Assistance

We offer you with job alert services. We assist and support our clients 24×7 in managing the effective working of their portal.

Why Us

Robust And High Data Transaction

IT Chimes offers you with a robust and high transaction capability for easy and quick deployments.

Social Media Integration

We help you in auto placement of job services and Social media integration which will help you in branding. Get an account management which is based on multi subscription.

Easy And Quick Deployment

We will help you in making your search result fast and making registration and subscription easy.

Resume Screening Service

We offer you with resume screening service which will help you tabbing the potential talent within shorter time frame.

We help you create

Your Desired Portals!

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