A web portal is a website that brings information together from diverse sources in a uniform way. The level of displaying the data in a “uniform way” may depends on the intended user and the intended purpose, as well as the diversity of the content. As a web-based platform, a portal allows users to connect with one another and find content that is relevant with ease and simplicity. It brings together information using multiple sources into a single user interface.

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Typical services offered by portal sites include a directory of Web sites, a facility to search for other sites, news, weather information, e-mail, stock quotes, phone and map information, and sometimes a community forum.  The first Web portals were online services, such as AOL, that provided access to the Web, but most of the traditional search engines, by now have changed into Web portals for attracting and keeping a larger audience. 

The portal’s functionality can provide a far-reaching impact on an organization and its processes. In fact, many companies throughout various industries are employing a portal platform. Some websites that are successful and others that have the potential, but are missing a few key elements. We will discuss some “technical” and “non-technical” factors that can ensure your web portal success and attract online customers.


For the success of a website, people must be eligible to use it. Design and appearance can never be the replacement of the need for usability. The ease of use needs of a site will halfway rely on upon the way of the site. For instance, a vast e-commerce site needs a powerful inquiry capacity, consistent classification of items for reading, an easy to understand shopping cart, and so forth. An online journal or any kind of site with heaps of content should give superb coherence, great route between articles, etc. If a site lacks usability, it will be difficult for such site to retain its users.

While creating gateway, it is must to take a shot at powerful client interface. In the event that your entry doesn’t have, it makes inconvenience for clients to deal with your entryway on different programs with various alternatives. Having distress in getting to will make loss of clients. web Design it so that action is obvious and lead users to it. Techniques such as color, contrast and space can help lead users to the “right” buttons. Some persons  like to actions and thrill. If you create things like this, then you will pull a lot of traffic.

Make sure that the text on your page is readable to all of your visitors. By using a web safe font and a decent font size, you surely can’t fail.  The web was once loaded with a modest bunch of typefaces – Arial and Courier ring a bell – in light of the fact that they were coherent by most PCs and programs. That is no more an impediment for planners. Be that as it may, web textual styles are still vital for two key reasons – similarity and permitting. By utilizing a web text style administration, sort is sort on the web, which is vital for website streamlining, and planners don’t have to make pictures out of their sort to keep up a specific look.

The web is continuously changing and so are web technologies. Consider redesigning your website every two years. Not only will your site be up-to-date, but your visitors will appreciate the change as well. Giving different choices to your customer is smart way to grab attraction from them. However, you have to avoid putting all the features in one basket as it seems too difficult and clumsy to manage. It is advisable to manage properly with grouping them well.

Safe and Secure Log-in Process:

Members only log-in in your portal, if they find it safe. One should also have to take care of member login area from visitor’s view-point. Moreover, you also make sure to have secure web portal that provides easy and safe online fund transfers and payment gateways.  Make the form simple and quick to fill out. If you need more than two or three pieces of information, consider a follow-up email rather than a complicated signup form. It is must to have a well-developed back end for your portal with all essential features and functionalities. You can also choose to stay on chat and be glued to your customers and website visitors. This is certainly not a bad idea.


Accessibility or openness and ease of use frequently get lumped together in light of the fact that they fairly cover, however they are two unmistakable issues. An open site won’t constrain guests to utilize a specific program, prohibit impeded clients, and so forth. In the event that clients can’t get to your site, it’s clearly not usable either.

Successful sites will be generally open. The trouble with accessibility is the measure of elements that are outside of your control. Notwithstanding, it is conceivable to have an alluring, data, and supportive site that is still available.

Create Portal Interactive:

Creating portal interactive is advisable and it is done through by offering option of comment. With comment section, you will get an idea about what to improve in your portal. Additional, you can also add discussion forums linked to your portals. Moreover the whole world is adopting social media functionality to spread popularity of business. If you also want to make your portal popular, then give them sharing option to your visitors. It may also bring business through social networks and other websites.


While there are a lot of important components to effective website design, including these four key elements can make a difference. These often overlooked details can make or break your complete site design.



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