The use of the internet opened the door of opportunities for business owners. A website is an excellent medium to expand the business and take it to completely new heights. Consequently we have tons of websites on the web today. There has been a significant increase in the number of such users. Business owners realize the importance of an online presence and hence opt for website development to give an online identity to their business. When it comes to website development, most of the times, website development and website designing are considered to be the same thing. This is not so. There is a major difference between business web design and development. To put it in simple words, web design is what the visitors see on the site while website development includes a lot of things and is about the overall functionality of the site. While a web design gives the look and feel to the site, website development provides features for users to experience on the site.

At the same time, both factors are equally important in deciding the success of the website on the World Wide Web. The first impression is everlasting and it lingers in the mind. This holds true for websites as well. A website should have a visually appealing and aesthetically designed interface to attract a large number of visitors. It is important to ensure that everything like graphics, color scheme etc. are properly decided. They contribute a lot in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a site. This is the job of a web designer and a graphic designer. They decide on the proper color scheme and the use of appropriate graphics for the site. The site’s business domain and basic requirements are kept in mind. The design should be such that it grabs the attention of visitors and makes them come back to the site. Content is the heart of the whole site. Its content must be to the point and helpful, informational. It should convey all information about the products and services. It should be original and of good quality. Navigability is another important consideration. Simplicity is essential. It should make the process of looking for desired information easier for the visitor. Whether you are looking for developing a website or to add web solutions to your existing website, it is important to be aware of the differences between custom website designing and website development.


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